19TH MARCH 2020

The NSW Taxi Council together with Industry Representatives, including Taxi Network Representatives,
Australian Taxi Drivers Australia, Australian Taxi Operators Association, and one of the largest
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Fleet Operators in NSW met with the Point to Point Transport Commissioner
earlier today requesting for Government stimulus assistance for the NSW Taxi Industry.

The CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Martin Rogers, said “Our industry is grateful to the Point to Point
Transport Commissioner in understanding the urgency of our situation.” The CEO added, “It was critical
that the NSW Government provides immediate assistance to the NSW Taxi Industry to ensure that
services can continue in the current environment, as the community tries to deal with the COVID-19 situation.

The Taxi industry is the ground transport equivalent to airlines in air travel. A major part of
Taxi business is transporting passengers to and from the airport, this is now dramatically reduced.
Inaddition, major event cancellations and people working from home, has seen Taxi work all but

Taxis play a vital role as a safe mode of transport, as they provide a controlled environment for
members of the travelling public to have access to. In particular, for the more vulnerable members
of society who still need to visit medical appointments, hospitals, as well as continued access to everyday
needs such as groceries.

Following consultation with Health Authorities, the NSW Taxi Industry has adopted robust cleaning and
sanitisation methods for all taxis, to ensure that passengers and drivers can reduce the risk of exposure
to COVID-19.

It is critical that the NSW Taxi Industry is able to ride out the wave of COVID-19, to ensure that taxi
services remain as we work towards getting through this challenging and trying period.

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Significant Announcement

The NSW Taxi Council would like to advise our Members, Taxi drivers, Operators, Member Networks and other stakeholders of the NSW Taxi Industry that the NSW Taxi Council met with the Point to Point Transport Commissioner on 19 March 2020 to discuss urgent assistance for the NSW Taxi Industry, in light of the current COVID-19 situation and has requested for Government stimulus assistance for the NSW Taxi Industry.

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